Specialized Compliance Packaging

  • Prepared for individual patients and facilities.
  • Automatically filled each month.
  • Medications will be packed according morning/noon/evening/bedtime slots, along with the date to help medications be administered at the right time.
  • Time slots can be customized.
  • Each square breaks apart so doses can be taken wherever patients may go.

Compliance Packs

  • Come with 4 packs x 7 days
  • List the medications contained within the pack at the top in alphabetical order
  • Slotting of medications listed in upper right
  • Able to do custom dosing: once a week, every other day, once a month, etc…
  • Perforated so days or doses can be broken off
  • Convenient for doses to be taken on the go
  • Easy to open and tear apart
  • Makes med pass fast and accurate

Our Core Services

Dispensing & Delivery

Rx Innovations expertise in institutional pharmacy allows us to improve facility efficiency in their daily operations. Our comprehensive suite of pharmacy offerings helps facilities deliver a higher quality of pharmaceutical care through utilization of our products and services. We are also capable of servicing individual patients.

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As experienced professionals with a wide range of skills, Rx Innovations consultant pharmacists are valued members of a facility’s interdisciplinary team, helping them achieve optimal outcomes for their residents, homes, day habs and other facilities. Our clinical consulting services are geared toward enhancing resident care as well as helping your facility stay in compliance with rules and regulations.

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Medication Administration
Records (MARs)

We can provide facilities and individuals with Medication Administration Records (MARs). As we receive new prescriptions, medications will automatically populate to a patient’s printed MAR for the next month. Our system is capable of interfacing with several electronic MARs allowing for orders to populate seamlessly in your MAR as we receive them.

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Our Other Services

  • Individual chart review
  • Daily delivery
  • Cycle fills
  • In house billing
  • 24/7 access to our pharmacy team
  • Web portal access
  • Enhanced communication between pharmacy and clients
  • Vaccinations
  • TB testing
  • Others, interested in something not listed? We are a full service pharmacy capable of doing a lot of innovative things, don’t hesitate to call us and ask.

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